March Heatguide

Where is it hot in March?

March is probably way too early in the year for a beach holiday on the Mediterranean, but the nearest and cheapest destinations that can offer a tan are the Canary Islands, Madeira and Morocco, all around 5 hours flight time from northern Europe. Below you’ll find more hot destinations to visit in March.

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May is a good month to visit the Caribbean because it is just before the hurricane season begins, and after the end of the winter season. You can often get great deals on both flights and hotels, temperatures are mild and Barbados offers an excellent range of hotels overlooking the sunsets.

General information

Average temperature: 26 ° c

Water temperature: 27 ° c

Night temperature: 26 ° c

Rainy days: 8

Sun hours: 10

Based on Bridgetown.

Popular destinations






Sankt Michael

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Dubai is full of contrasts. Here you get to experience skyscrapers as high as mountains, modern shops, world-famous restaurants, and activities that suit everyone. Here you can also travel both cheap and expensive, with many different options for hotels and flights. In addition, March also offers slightly milder temperatures!

General information

Average temperature: 23 ° c

Water temperature: 22 ° c

Night temperature: 24 ° c

Rainy days: 6

Sun hours: 9

Based on Dubai.

Popular destinations

Burj Khalifa

Dubai Marina

Dubai Mall

Jumeriah Beach

Burj Al Arab

Global Village

Dubai seven star hotel



This is a fantastic month in terms of weather, as western Cuba usually experiences a prolonged dry period – la seca – with relatively little rain and warmer temperatures than January or February. In fact, many tourists think that March is the best time to travel, even though high season prices still apply. It’s also a good time to enjoy some of Cuba’s music festivals.

General information

Average temperature: 23 ° c

Water temperature: 26 ° c

Night temperature: 21 ° c

Rainy days: 5

Sun hours: 9

Based on Havana.

Popular destinations



Santiago de Cuba



Cayo Coco

Beach restaurant


Canary islands, Spain

The Canary Islands are located just off the coast of North Africa in the Atlantic and have a spring-like climate all year round with warm temperatures and lots of sun. In March, the climate is mild and dry, perfect if you want to relax in the sunshine while avoiding the intense heat from more tropical destinations. From time to time, the wind can pull in from the Sahara desert, which contributes to warmer temperatures on the island.

General information

Average temperature:  20 ° c

Water temperature: 19 ° c

Night temperature:  16 ° c

Rainy days:  7

Sun hours: 8

Based on Las Palmas.

Popular destinations

Puerto de Mogan

Marknaden i San Mateo

Las Palmas

Anfi Beach

Playa las canteras


Marina large boats

Very hot

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of Asia’s cheapest destinations and offers everything from diving to hiking to volcanoes. Unfortunately, it rains a lot in Bali during the month of February, but is still a destination worth visiting due to all its activities, sights and its pleasant population. It rains many days a month, but only in rapid showers. It is not uncommon for 40 minutes of torrential rain followed by radiant sun for several hours.

General information

Average temperature:  28 ° c

Water temperature: 29 ° c

Night temperature: 25 ° c

Rainy days: 14

Sun hours: 8

Based on Kuta.

Popular destinations






Nusa Dua

Bali overlooking cliffs



Thailand is a asian holiday paradise and maintains a generally stable and good weather all year round. This attracts a lot of travelers at the beginning of the year when we have what is called at home in Europe. The country is a perfect destination for all types of travelers and purposes. It is crowded with cozy backpack areas as well as luxury resorts across the country.

General information

Average temperature: 29 ° c

Water temperature: 29 ° c

Night temperature: 28 ° c

Rainy days: 8

Sun hours: 8

Based on Phuket.

Popular destinations


Koh Samui


Chiang Mai

Hua Hin


Boat between mountains

Very hot

Miami, USA

Along the coast of Florida you will find tropical Miami. A city that remained in the 80’s with pastel-colored buildings and nice restaurants as far as the eye can see. Miami is home to a fantastic cruise location that easily takes you out into the Caribbean and the rest of the Caribbean. In addition to its cruises, the iconic city has an active nightlife, large shopping centers and shopping streets throughout the city. A cheap and sun-safe destination in March.

General information

Average temperature: 22 ° c

Water temperature: 24 ° c

Night temperature:  22 ° c

Rainy days:  7

Sun hours: 7

Based on Miami Beach.

Popular destinations

Key West

Miami Beach


Fort Lauderdale


Dolphin Mall

beach miami florida

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