Carefully check the country’s entry requirements and status. Due to Covid-19, the borders have been strengthened and some countries are required to have either a valid Covid certificate via the e-health authority or a maximum of 72/48-hour old Antigen or PCR test before entry. Some countries still require a quarantine period of 7-14 days after you arrive in the country.

Covid certificate

Your vaccination certificate is valid for 180 days from the date you collect it electronically. The certificate is free to pick up and renew free of charge both quickly and easily on the e-health authority’s website.

For those of you who are not vaccinated, there are other options, including Antigen and PCR tests. A PCR test is taken at most small clinics and independent health centers in the country. There are lots of companies all over the country who perform these tests and you usually give you an answer within 2-30 minutes.

These tests are not covered by the state and must be paid for out of pocket. Sample prices vary from 50 euro to S300 euro, depending on where in the world you are.

Antigen test is a rapid test taken within 48 hours before departure. The test usually costs 30-50 euros and is sufficient as proof in most of Europe. Check in good time if Antigen or PCR is required for the country you intend to visit.


Everyone with home insurance has some type of travel insurance, however, it is not always comprehensive and has its shortcomings. An extended travel protection through your existing insurance company is something that is highly recommended and is something that usually does not cost many euros per year and household. Go in and read on your insurance company’s website and check how they react to any illness in the country you are traveling to.

As a European citizen, order an EU card free of charge through you Social Insurance Agency. This takes no more than 30 seconds on their website and facilitates any injuries or illness abroad.


Double and triple check your passport before your trip. Some countries require that the passport’s validity period must cover the return date + 60 days.

The passport center has for some time now stopped using drop-in times and requires an appointment in some areas. Now that people are starting to travel again, the times for passport booking can be very long. Therefore, make sure to be out in good time, especially you who live in big cities.

VISA & Esta

Countries such as the USA and China require a Visa or ESTA before visiting. This must be applied for in advance and the process can be very long in some countries. As a European citizen without a criminal record, you are almost guaranteed entry into the United States, while China is tougher with its approval.

China requires, among other things, that you submit / send your passport to the Chinese Embassy together with a completed form of up to 8 pages. This process is not approved during the day but can take up to 14 days. Be out in time.


Travel safely and get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B well in advance of your trip. This type of vaccination can be performed at the nearest health center and usually does not have long waiting times.

Of course, some countries are more vulnerable than others, but you can never be too sure. It’s easy to be hindsight.


Check the location of your accommodation and the distance to popular attractions before booking. Sometimes the price is too good to be true for some hotels and these are usually far from the center or with poor transport options. Sometimes it can be worth a few extra euros per night to avoid the boring 40 minute bus ride into the city center.


Check the distance between the airport and your accommodation. Plan ahead and be out well in advance of your trip. Some airports are 2 hours from the city center by bus which can be both expensive and time-consuming.

Some major hotel chains offer free shuttle service to and from the airport. Contact your accommodation well in advance.


It’s quite difficult to get a hold on, among other things, motion sickness tablets, Alvedon and fluid replacement in some countries. Be sure to pack a small travelkit and supplement your toiletry bag with things you may be expected to need.

Many who go to Mexico, among other places, get stomach issues while others who go to Bali get the Bali disease and may need everything from painkillers to liquid-replacing effervescent tablets.