July Heatguide

Where is it hot in July?

July is usually one of the most popular months to travel. Schools have summer holidays and the weather in many parts of the world is the warmest and sunniest. Below you will find a collection of different hot destinations in July, with everything from big cities to beach paradise!

Playing with plane on floor


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is probably not the first destination you imagine when you think of hot weather, but during the summer the temperature rises to around 23ºC. Experience a city full of ancient bridges, narrow alleys, the world’s best beer and the mighty Prague Castle.

General information

Average temperature: 23 ° c

Water temperature: 18 ° c

Night temperature: 13 ° c

Rainy days: 18

Sun hours: 8

Based on Prague.

Popular destinations

Prague Castle

Charles Bridge

Astronomical clock

Tančící dům

Vitus Cathedral

Old Town Square

People on brdige


Mallorca, Spain

Palma de Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the most popular destinations for European tourists. In July, the temperature reaches an average of 31ºC with up to 11 hours of sunshine, a perfect opportunity to enjoy all the island’s beaches.

General information

Average temperature:  31 ° c

Water temperature: 24 ° c

Night temperature:  22 ° c

Rainy days:  3

Sun hours: 11

Based on Mallorca.

Popular destinations

Cap de Formentor

Serra de Tramuntana

Sa Calobra

Stranden i Alcudia

Cala S’Amonia

Cala Sant Vicenc

Palm trees walking path


Alicante, Spain

July is the middle of summer in Alicante, with long, dry, sunny days. It is also high season, so you can expect many hotels and flights to be fully booked if you are not out in good time. The city in general offers lots of cultural heritage, shopping streets, restaurants and, unusually enough, lots of golf courses.

General information

Average temperature:  25 ° c

Water temperature: 25 ° c

Night temperature: 20 ° c

Rainy days:  1

Sun hours: 11

Based on Alicante.

Popular destinations

Castillo de Santa Barbara

Alicante tram

Gamla stan

Explanada de España

Alicante marina

El Barrio Santa Cruz

Restaurant windows


Rome, Italy

With temperatures up to 29 ° C, a little rain and a lot of sun, June is a good time to visit Rome. Here you get to experience a city full of historical sights and one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

General information

Average temperature:  23 ° c

Water temperature: 22 ° c

Night temperature: 22 ° c

Rainy days:  4

Sun hours: 9

Based on Rome.

Popular destinations



Fontana di Trevi


Forum Romanum


Vetican main street


Milan, Italy

July is a good month to visit the Italian capital Milan with pleasantly warm temperatures, lots of sunshine and some rain. If the heat gets too much, you will also find Italian lakes and the mountainous Swiss border just an hour away by train.

General information

Average temperature:  23 ° c

Water temperature:

Night temperature: 21 ° c

Rainy days:  11

Sun hours: 8

Based on Milan.

Popular destinations

Duomo di Milano

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Sforzesco Castle

Teatro alla Scala

Pinacoteca di Brera

Santa Maria delle Grazie

Old church on plaza


Las Vegas, USA

You will find Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert, and as expected it is dry and very hot during the high summer with temperatures up to 40 ° c. Here you can take part in a unique experience and let go, enjoy life, eat good food and just live.

General information

Average temperature:  34 ° c

Water temperature:

Night temperature:  23 ° c

Rainy days:  5

Sun hours: 13

Based on Las Vegas.

Popular destinations

Fremont street

The strip

Wet Republic

MGM Grand

World Crawl

Heart Attack Grill

Las vegas main street


New York, USA

New York is the world’s largest city when it comes to shopping, fashion, media, art and entertainment. During the summer months, it gets hot in New York with temperatures up to 30 ° C, even though there may be occasional thunderstorms.

General information

Average temperature: 25 ° c

Water temperature: 22 ° c

Night temperature: 20 ° c

Rainy days: 13

Sun hours: 11

Based on New York.

Popular destinations

Central Park

Empire State Building

Statue of Liberty

Bronx Zoo


Yankee Stadium

Multiple skyscrapers



With its 365 beaches and relatively simple flights from Europe, Antigua is a popular destination for many tourists. During the winter, the high season applies on the island, but in June just before the hurricane season begins, this is a perfect destination in July.

General information

Average temperature:  28 ° c

Water temperature: 28 ° c

Night temperature: 26 ° c

Rainy days: 14

Sun hours: 10

Based on Antigua.

Popular destinations

Nelson’s Dockyard

Galley Bay

Darkwood Beach

Deep Bay

Stingray City Antigua

Fort James

Beach villas tropical


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Although winter begins in July in the southern hemisphere, Rio de Janeiro offers a tropical savannah climate, with temperatures up to 25ºC. Here you will discover a city surrounded by mighty mountains, white sandy beaches and tropical rainforests.

General information

Average temperature:  22 ° c

Water temperature: 23 ° c

Night temperature: 22 ° c

Rainy days:  7

Sun hours: 6

Based on Rio de Janeiro.

Popular destinations

Cristo Redentor


Copacabana Beach

Ipanema Beach

Museu do Amanhã

Parque Nacional da Tijuca

Mountain overlook city


Cancun, Mexico

At the tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the vacation paradise of Cancun is adjacent to the warm Caribbean Sea with a typical tropical coastal climate. Take part in fast-paced family adventures, snorkel with turtles and enjoy a good drink on the beach.

General information

Average temperature:  28 ° c

Water temperature: 28 ° c

Night temperature: 25 ° c

Rainy days:  8

Sun hours: 10

Based on Cancun.

Popular destinations

Cancún Underwater Museum

Playa Norte

Playa Delfines


El Rey Archaeological

Xcaret Park

Tropical resort

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